Messages for this time from Elders and Wisdom Keepers

Elders from all over the world are speaking with some urgency about these times and what we have to do.  The Elders from Alaska say that we must be prepared for hard times to come.  The Maya say that people of the heart will know what to do when the time comes.  All say that Mother Earth needs our help now.  At a time when we are seeing increasing violence, increasing levels of dysfunction in all systems of governments, increasing political unrest, increasing unrest of Mother Earth, global climate changes, and on and on, we must pay heed to these ominous signs.

The Elders and Wisdom Keepers say that we must change our consciousness and change it now.  They say that there is little time left.  What is needed is to wake up, be present in the moment, and be in our hearts. Our minds may fool us or deceive us, but the heart never does.  It guides us perfectly because it is the way human beings are truly guided by the Divine.

Elders in Alaska call this the “reverse society,” or the “inside out society,” because we have reversed the laws for living.  Now the mind tells the heart what to do instead of the heart telling our minds what to do. Elders from diverse parts of the world understand this.  Circle of Ancestors is bringing together the messages of Elders and Wisdom Keepers from around the world to exchange their thoughts and ideas about these times, because the world needs it now more than ever. We are going to share monthly interviews on our website for you to hear yourself or create a small circle and invite loved ones to hear the messages with you.  After hearing the messages from The Elders and Wisdom Keepers, we encourage you talk to each other about how this impacts you and how  you can apply the wisdom to your lives.

We invite you to join our circle to hear their messages, reflect how they impact you and how you can apply this teachings in your communities. And we encourage you to share what you know about these messages which must be shared with the younger generations.